Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment

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A revolutionary drug-free FDA cleared way to get natural treatment for the symptoms of nervous legs and Restless Leg Syndrome.

How does Restiffic help with the symptoms of RLS?

Right and Left Wraps

Specifically designed wraps with right and left sides and information for fitting.

Covers and Wash Bag

Cover ups for each foot to help with sleeping comfort and a wash bag to use for cleaning.

What comes in your Restiffic package

Flexor T-pad

Pad designed to slide in and adjust to get the perfect fit for maximum pain relief.

Restiffic User Guides

Carefully designed and researched user guide with all the details you want and need.

Restiffic RLS compression foot wrap

Restiffic is a unique solution to tired, painful or aching feet and legs. It’s a foot wrap that allows the user to adjust the compression level and it also contains a Flexor-T massage pad.

Restiffic works by applying firm pressure to the bottom of the foot to stimulate acupressure points known to improve well-being. Through gentle manipulation of the feet, restiffic relief may reduce anxiety, relieve stress, ease foot pain and improve circulation and sleep.


Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment

Restiffic is a unique drug-free treatment for restless leg syndrome with quick results and a one-time investment!

Cure for restless leg syndrome

While there is not a cure yet for restless leg syndrome Restiffic has been very effective to help relieve the symptoms that RLS causes in a safe, drug-free, non-addictive way.


Restiffic Testimonials

Restless leg syndrome can be very hard to manage and often times people are prescribed heavy medications to try and help with symptoms. We are very happy that Restiffic has been able to help so many completely drug free!